Blake Tiger Cub - Table Lamp

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  • Blake is an adorable cub raising money to protect tigers in the wild. His glowing smile makes an ideal children's night light or a colourful, retro lamp for the living room. 

    He runs on ultra-safe, energy-saving 3W LED bulbs powered by a mains plug adapter. Blake's made from tough polypropylene and comes in one of three bright colours; orange, yellow or white.

    All profits from Blake go to 21st Century Tiger a global Tiger Project based at the Zoological Society. 

    Blake is NOT a white tiger

    Blake comes in a number of stylised colours to look great in your home but it's important to understand we do not support the breeding of white tigers. The white gene is maintained by inbreeding within captive tigers groups often leading to horrific genetic mutation in the animals involved. Find out more...

  • Design Modelled in clay by Myra Heller and cast to copper negative using a traditional plaster/wax moulding process.
    Lamp 11 inches/28cm tall. Individually made from high quality, robust & heat resistant thermo plastic.
    • G4 LED Bulb consuming only 2.4 W (equivalent of 20W halogen bulb).
    • 230V/240V to 12V 1.0A Wall Plug Power Adapter.

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